The Third International Conference DehaloCon III is an exceptional international event bringing together scientists and practitioners involved in all aspects of the Anaerobic Biological Dehalogenation. We expect to welcome approximately 200 scientists and professionals from all over the world at our conference.

We would like to offer you and your organization the opportunity to participate in our sponsorship program. Sponsorship provides visibility for your organization throughout the conference. A number of sponsorship opportunities are available and are detailed below. If you have additional ideas about how your company can sponsor this conference and gain visibility, we will be glad to discuss customized sponsorship opportunities.

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Environmental engineering professionals

For almost 30 years IEG has helped shaping the remediation market worldwide. We have developed and continue to advance the groundwater circulation technology and help clients solving complex remediation problems. With over 400 successful remediations worldwide, we have extensive knowledge for most problems.

PeroxyChem is a leading global manufacturer of persulfates, innovative remediation technologies and adjacent chemistries.

Other Sponsorships will join us soon