Scientific Committee

Lorenz Adrian
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research UFZ (Germany)

Federico Aulenta
Water Research Institute – IRSA-CNR (Italy)

Elisabeth Edwards
University of Toronto (Canada)

Tobias Goris
Friedrich Schiller University (Germany)

Frank Loeffler
University of Tennessee Knoxville (USA)

Bruna Matturro
Water Research Institute – IRSA-CNR (Italy)

Ivonne Nijenhuis
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ (Germany)

Shanquan Wang
Sun Yat-Sen University (China)

Birthe Kjellerup Veno
University of Maryland at College Park (USA)

Marco Petrangeli Papini
La Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)

Simona Rossetti
Water Research Institute IRSA-CNR (Italy)

Organizing Committee

Simona Rossetti
Conference Chair, Water Research Institute – IRSA-CNR (Italy)

Bruna Matturro
Conference Co-Chair, Water Research Institute – IRSA-CNR (Italy)

Federico Aulenta
Water Research Institute – IRSA-CNR (Italy)

Simona Crognale
Water Research Institute – IRSA-CNR (Italy)

Carolina Cruz Viggi
Water Research Institute – IRSA-CNR (Italy)

Francesca Di Pippo
Water Research Institute – IRSA-CNR (Italy)

Bruno Benedetti
Water Research Institute – IRSA-CNR (Italy)


Anaerobic dehalogenation in pristine and contaminated environments

Organohalide Respiration (OHR): Biochemistry, Architecture, Regulation and Ecophysiology

Omics and Meta-omics of organohalide-respiring and non-respiring bacteria

Bioelectrochemical OHR: fundamental aspects and engineered solutions

OHR field-scale application

Presentation Guidelines

Conference guidelines:

DehaloCon III is scheduled as a virtual conference with a daily plenary session dedicated to the oral presentations, a Networking area dedicated to the interactions and discussions between authors and other delegates, and an electronic-poster (or e-poster) area.

Oral presentation guidelines:

Oral presentations are limited to a maximal duration of 20 minutes (15 minutes talk + 5 minutes questions and answers). During the conference attendees will be able to join online presentations at scheduled times and to pose questions after each presentation. After the daily technical session, a virtual networking area is scheduled where attendees will be able to enter in order to discuss the results and ask questions directly to authors and to expert scientists.

E-poster presentation guidelines:

During the virtual conference an e-poster area will be available. A pre-recorded flash-poster presentation will be linked to each poster with the possibility to interact with the authors.


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