Abstract Submission

  • Abstract submission form opens on January 13th 2020
  • Abstract submission form closes on April 20th 2020
  • Authors notification on May 20th 2020

Instructions & Abstract Template

  • The outline paper is limited to 1,000 words (max. two A4 pages with diagrams or illustrations).
  • First author and/or presenting author need to be regularly registered (after notification and always during early bird registration).

Proposed Themes

  1. Anaerobic dehalogenation in pristine and contaminated environments
  2. Non-respiratory Reductive Dehalogenation
  3. Organohalide Respiratory Chains – Biochemistry, Architecture and Regulation
  4. Omics and Meta-omics of organohalide-respiring bacteria (OHRB)
  5. Ecophysiology of organohalide respiration (OHR)
  6. Bioelectrochemical OHR: fundamental aspects and engineered solutions
  7. OHR field-scale application